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Concrete Coating

Builders use concrete for floors because it’s one of the few materials durable enough to stand up to the heavy traffic and provides protection from the elements. These surfaces often endure abrasion, chemicals, and moisture exposure. However, that doesn’t mean concrete slabs are indestructible. Left untreated the porous materials that concrete is made of will fail due to abuse. Those include tire traffic, exposure to harsh chemicals and deicing salts, and frequent moisture contact.

That’s where a good protective coating from Atlanta North Concrete Refinishing comes into play, giving concrete that extra layer of protection it needs to endure constant wear and tear. In addition to protection, a coating dresses up a drab surface, simplifies maintenance and improves skid resistance.
Concrete Coating

CTi Certified Coated Concrete

It’s common for water, oil, and other chemicals to cause concrete floors to succumb to erosion after years of use, due to concrete’s porous nature. Protecting your surface is a crucial step in ensuring its longevity and attractiveness. Coated concrete is the solution. As a CTi Certified Dealer we offer a variety of durable concrete coating applications and will precisely match your needs. Our talented team has years of application experience.

Atlanta North Concrete Refinishing guarantees customer’ satisfaction. As a locally owned and operated company it’s our pleasure to offer a full line of coated concrete services, such as:
  • Flexible appointment options
  • Complimentary estimates
  • Prompt project completions

Reasonable Prices, Clean Crews

For trustworthy and efficient concrete coating in our County. choose Atlanta North Concrete Refinishing. Crews are detail-oriented, and clean when we inspect and treat your floors. Atlanta North Concrete Refinishing understands that it’s just as important that your floors look great as it is that they remain in excellent condition for years to come. Get a quote today.

Transform any space with CTi Certified coated concrete – beautiful, durable, and no tear out needed.

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